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VET: Say goodbye to “copy-and-paste”!

Assessments are one of the major areas of non-compliance and concern. Getting them right is vital as it directly impacts the judgements and outcomes for students and the industry. An RTO must be

Building a Positive Workplace Culture

Company culture is the backbone of a happy workforce. It has an impact on almost every aspect of a business, from attracting top talent to increasing employee satisfaction. Having a good workplace culture

How to choose a Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS), provides, maintains, records, and generates results for online courses and training programs. Today, more than ever, LMS platforms are thriving as they offer quick and easy access to

5 Ways to Assess Student Learning Online

Technology has altered the traditional system of education, including online assessments. Whilst traditional paper-and-pencil testing has its place, online assessment is a game changer. And while it may raise new concerns, online assessments